Personalized Counselling

The thought of new goals and new country can be overwhelming for any student. There might be several questions to take that first step on the path of their dream journey.

•    Do I really need to invest in higher education?
•    Does my profile fit into best universities?
•    What are the documents required for the admission and visa process?
•    How, when, where to start and whom to contact?

We at Smart Wings Abroad Services make sure that all your queries are answered before you can lunge into your dream journey. Just reach out to us so we can arrange a personalised counselling session with one of our experienced counsellors to make your dream of overseas education journey a successful story.

Country, University and Program Selection

Selecting the right course in a top university in the country of choice is a tedious task. There are hundreds of institutions that offer similar courses one wishes to study. A student must think about many attributes like personal interest, secure life in a place, career growth prospects, financial viability, and many more. These aspects influence so much so that they can sometimes make or break a decision.

We at Smart Wings Abroad Services recognize the importance of selecting the right path for students to have a bright future. We will ask for all the required information during counseling and give the right guidance and expert advice with the best options available based on the information provided by the students.

University Application Process

Studying overseas has become a sought-after dream for Indian students of late. Once a student has short listed few options to apply for, then a new challenge arises. Applying to those courses in the Universities with all the required information/documents required. Universities may have different entry criteria for the application process. This causes confusion in students as to what needs to be applied for which Universities. This is an important process to get the admission into right universities.

We at Smart Wings Abroad Services provide expert step by step guidance throughout the application process. We will help students understand each application requirement of the universities in detail and guide them to apply with all best efforts. We provide special attention to every application, highlighting the areas essential for a well-presented, error free application to make sure students get the admission of their choice.

Documentation Guidance

Proper documentation leads to positive impact on student profile and faster decision from universities to give offer to the students. There are many documents that a student must submit in the entire process. These include statement of purposes, essays, resumes, financial related documentation for visa, required test scores, waiver documents if any, etc. Thus, documentation is an important part of the process to make things smooth.

We at Smart Wings Abroad Services aid students to make proper documentation. We have an experienced team fully equipped with required skills to help students to make all the documents as per the university requirements. We share sample formats for all the required documents and help students to modify them according to their profile and university requirements. We do regular follow-up with universities to make sure student gets timely decision and have sufficient time to apply for visa and make proper travel plan.

Visa Counselling

As an international student, it is very likely that you require a valid visa before you land at your dream destination and start commencing study. As we all understand getting a visa especially to some countries is a very difficult task. Without a visa, all your planned activities will go for a toss leaving students full of anxiety and frustration and with many doubts about the future. Thus, this is an important part of your entire process.

Applying for a student visa with Smart Wings Abroad Services is never complicated. Our dedicated team is familiar with the student visa application process and provides profile-specific advice. Our service includes completing all the necessary documentation needed for the student visa, lodging the student visa application, and coordinating with the respective university. We also help students prepare for their visa interviews by conducting mock interview sessions.

Travel and Accommodation Guidance

Travelling to a new country can produce jitters even for seasoned travellers. Ticketing and accommodation booking can be tiresome activity. A student if he is travelling abroad for the first time will have many questions and concerns during this entire process.

We at Smart Wings Abroad Services will co-ordinate with students and assist them in travel and accommodation process in pre departure orientation program. We will help new students connect with the alumni students who are studying/studied in those universities. We can provide with trusted third-party agent contacts like travel agents, foreign exchange agents, etc., to cater to specific needs and make the process swift and smooth.